Ally & G are the presenters on the beloved social show Drive-Thru. Drive-Thru spawned in early 2023 and has already adorned a devoted audience.

You can expect Ally and G to fearlessly share personal anecdotes from their contrasting life experiences and offer a glimpse into their journeys of success, heartbreak, laughter and delve into the glamorous and chaotic lives of celebrities. Their commentary is candid and relatable, touching on everything from relationships to career challenges, all with a generous dose of humour and wit.


One of the show’s self-defining characteristics is its use of fashion. As self-invented style icons, we can expect an ever-changing kaleidoscope of thrift finds and bold high street items on G. Ally loves to curate pieces, radiating classic fashion, strongly favouring the monochromatic looks inspired by our classic designers.


Their friendship is a satire of female camaraderie –supporting each other, their banter is hilariously heart-warming. They playfully commentate on each other’s choices, whether fashion faux pas or daring career moves. Their chemistry is unfiltered and palpable.


Driving through London in great clothes, telling bold stories, singing at the top of their lungs, and always with the infamous cheeky food cameo. Prepared to be inspired. Prepared to be entertained and welcomed. Oh,and prepare to be hungry…

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